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Successful AEMM-Music Dept. Collaboration

The AEMM department is happy to report that the close collaboration with the Music Department is bringing some impressive results.

Last Spring, in association with Music’s Contemporary, Urban & Pop (CUP) program, AEMM launched a Talent Agency class in which AEMM students acts as agents for CUP bands.  They work with the bands on matters of presentation, marketability, branding, product development, career planning and live performance.

The students in the class have recently secured a licensing agreement for one of the bands with two MTV shows (The Real World, The Challenge) as well as with one E! Network’s show (Mrs. Eastwood & Co).

This success reasserts AEMM’s new collaborative and experiential pedagogy.  Over the past two years, we have launched five such practicum classes (Club management, Exhibition Management, Online Distribution, Hip Hop Label and Talent Agency.). We plan to launch a music-publishing agency, a design agency and a curatorial practice in the near future.

Posted on Apr 4, 2012

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