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It’s that time of year again, the time of year when everyone is all a-buzz about MANIFEST!  This year’s theme of Flight is an accurate description of how these students are using their incredible talents and skills to take flight this spring.  Representing the Business & Entrepreneurship Department are the Events Management Practicum, Digital Distribution Practicum, Talent Agency Practicum, and the Marketing II class.  Each of these courses is offering up some incredible hands on experience in the nuts and bolts of making Manifest happen!

Events Management Practicum is feverishly working to manage the Urban Cloud stage with acts like the phenomenal Aloft Circus Arts who perform shows of aerial dance.   They are also partnering with the Muggles Association to create a Harry Potter themed zip line.  To top it all off, they will have a photo booth, and everyone loves a good photo booth! Another Events Management production is Terminal XIV on the corner of Wabash and Balbo. This lot will feature performances and booths hosting a variety of activities.

Working along side Events Management is Talent Agency Practicum.  The Talent Agency is responsible for finding the talent to perform on the main stage.  They are pulling from a network both inside Columbia’s walls as well as collaborating with outside talent to create a flow of fresh talent and fresh performances.

Digital Distribution Practicum  is heading up all of the digital communication and marketing for Manifest this year! Be sure to check out their Instagram photos and see a behind the scenes perspective on what is up and coming; and you certainly don’t want to miss out on their Twitter to keep up with all of the events, expeditions, and guests coming to Manifest this year! This class is working feverishly to get the buzz buzzing!

Additionally, the Marketing II class is immersing the local high schools in all of the action.  They are excitedly getting the next generation involved and interested in the creativity and creating that is happening all over our campus during Manifest this year.

Manifest is sure to be a fantastic time, with talent and artistry from all over the city of Chicago, communing right here, on our campus of Columbia College.  Let your creativity take flight this May at Manifest!


Posted on Apr 4, 2014

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SXSW: Field Trips. Still a thing at 28
By Meg Hersman

Attending SXSW last month was the biggest adventure I’ve had in a while (with the exception of grad school itself, of course). It was my first time at SXSW, but it was also my first time in Texas. It was great fun, but it was also a valuable learning experience. A few of these things would have been great to know in advance, but next time I’ll know—and if you’re reading this, you’ll know, too.

• March weather in Texas and March weather in Chicago are worlds apart, obviously. Schedule your flight accordingly. I scheduled my flight to be there a good eight hours before our dinner with alumni, but after three cancellations due to weather, I arrived two hours late. Keep this in mind when you plan your itinerary.
• On a similar note, while the snow is still covering Chicago, things are starting to bloom in Austin, specifically the notorious cedar trees. If you have allergies, go prepared. That Claritin-D you desperately need will have been snatched up from every CVS in Austin by the time you get there.
• Once you’re in Austin and you have your badge, deciding what to do with your time can be very overwhelming. Even if you’ve taken the time to research every artist who is performing and what the best day parties are and where you should eat, you will still feel it. I found that the best plan is to pick one or two things each day that you don’t want to miss, whether they are shows, panels, or other events, and make sure you catch those. Then keep the rest of your day loose. See what you feel like in the moment.
• Make an effort to see artists you won’t get to see at home. Two of the best shows I saw—Cousin Marnie at the BBC showcase at Latitude 30 and Rock n’ Roll Radio at Icenhauer’s—were international acts that had a visa to perform exactly one show while they were in Austin. They may end up in Chicago eventually, but this way when all my friends are in love with them, I get to say I saw them first.
• As a comedian, I was very excited to go to some SXSW Comedy events. Turns out SXSW Comedy is weird. It’s growing each year, and I have no doubts that it will be its own fully fledged section of the festival within a few years, but right now its events are spread out and each one requires a different badge type. I was able to get into a recording of Howard Kremer’s delightful podcast “Who Charted?” with Doug Benson as the guest. If I make it back to SXSW, I am really going to focus on getting to see more comedy.
• Networking really can and does happen everywhere, but if you’re looking for a place to jumpstart your skills, try hanging out in the Registrants’ Lounge (the big white tent right outside the convention center) during the daily happy hour. It gets crowded, but it’s a relaxed enough environment that you can really connect with the people you meet there.

If I can remember all this stuff, next year’s SXSW will be an even better experience.

Business & Entrepreneurship Students @ SXSW

Business & Entrepreneurship Students @ SXSW

Posted on Apr 4, 2014

Post by aemm

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This year, almost 100 students, accompanied by 7 instructors from the Business & Entrepreneurship department will participate in South By Southwest (SXSW), one of the largest music, film, and interactive festivals in the country.   One of the original goals for SXSW was to create an event that would act as a tool for creative people and the companies they work with to develop their careers and bring together people from a wide area to meet and share ideas.

The department is bringing students from AEMMP Hip Hop, AEMMP Rock, AEMMP Talent, and AEMMP Digital Distribution practicum classes to showcase talent and handle the marketing/social media coverage of the bands and the events themselves.  While working at SXSW AEMMP will be hosting a showcase of their talent, networking with Alumni, and meeting industry professionals at their AEMMP Records, Official Day Party being held at the Bat Bar, March 13 from 12pm – 6pm.

The AEMMP Records, Official Day Party will feature talent such as The Giving Tree Band, Metropalis, Marina City, Nick Astro, Carbon Tigers, Saba, No Name Gypsy, and Martin Sky.

Their journey from the classroom to the showcase provides “real life experience” for those looking to enter the world of arts and entertainment business.  The collection of representatives from Columbia College going to SXSW this year encompass both graduate and undergraduate students as well as faculty members who are well established and connected in the music, film, and interactive arts.

Be sure to follow their journey to SXSW through their blog posts on the AEMM blog, their Instagram, which will no doubt be overflowing come March 13, and the hashtag #aemmpsxsw.  This is one trip you won’t want to miss out on!


Posted on Feb 2, 2014

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The Business and Entrepreneurship Department will continue to partner with the Arts & Business Council of Chicago to offer a series of arts management workshops for 2014. These workshops will be open to professionals, faculty, and students. This agreement will serve three objectives:

  • Offer additional training to our full time and part time faculty members
  • Regularly bring professional arts managers on campus, to present our program and position it as a resource to the field.
  • Develop a networking platform for our students, who will be able to meet professionals before, during and after these trainings.

The next workshop will take place on Tuesday, March 11th, which will be moderated by B&E Department Chair, Philippe Ravanas. Registration information for Non-Columbia professionals here.  If you experience any problems with registering for the workshop, please contact Noemi Garcia at  ngarcia@artsbiz-chicago.org or (312) 372-1876.

Posted on Feb 2, 2014

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The spring 2014 season for Haus at The Quincy Wong Center, presented by the Club Management: Practicum class.

The season begins next Thursday @ 7:30pm, with an evening of comedy and improv.  Several Columbia College students will be performing (e.g., Meg Hersman), along w/some outsiders.

Below is the balance of the schedule (more creative/”fun” titles to come…).

March 6:              Rock Music Showcase
March 20:            Singer/Songwriter Showcase (think “Storytellers”)
collaboration w/homeroomchicago.org.
April 10:               AEMMP Rock showcase/record release
April 17:               Rap / Hip Hop (possible collaboration w/AEMMP Hip Hop)
May 9:                  EXTRAVAGANZA!

Come on out some Thursday night!

Posted on Feb 2, 2014

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Freshmen Year is all about YOU.
written by Renee Rock

This year’s freshman Introduction to Management class has wasted no time in taking their management skills and creative ideas to a new level.  Everyone knows that Freshman year is always rough.  You are starting a new school, opening a new chapter in your life, making new friends, possibly in a new city, and experiencing new freedoms.  With all of the excitement of your freshman year also comes new discoveries and new ideas.  In many ways, your freshmen year brings out a new You.

As the class was discovering and experiencing all of the joys and stresses of freshmen year, they thought of the amazing idea to create a platform that celebrates this trans-formative and exciting year in the YouYear Talent Showcase.  Pulling their management and creative skills together, they have spent a good portion of the semester collaborating on this exciting end of the year event that will be held on December 11, 2013.

Throughout this process, two students stepped up to the challenge and took the lead by becoming co-Executive Directors of the event.  Emily Gruber and Sydney Fontaine have done nothing but impress with their visionary and leadership skills.

Emily Gruber

Though only a freshman, Emily works with a non-profit called Dear Music, Love Music , an organization founded and run by Columbia students.  She has high ambitions of pursuing her education further to study Entertainment Law. Through her experience thus far at Columbia, working on projects like YouYear have helped to develop a good foundation for collaboration and management. “Managers work smarter, not harder. Hearing this simple quote gave me so much insight as to how I should go about career and into life.”

Sydney Fontaine

Sydney has also been highly involved through her freshman year so far, taking part in programs like the University Center Residence Council.  She has grown tremendously through her first semester.  “At least once every class, Joe Bogdan says ‘if your alternative is flipping burgers…’ about the live and performing event we’re talking about. Whether it’s a political convention, concert, marathon or otherwise, it’s good to be open to doing anything. Sports may not be my thing, but I’ll plan the Super Bowl, why not?”

There are dozens of talented, incredible students like Sydney and Emily, in the freshmen class just waiting to take the stage and unveil their creativity at YouYear this December – and who knows where their journey will take them or who they will become.  But as for their freshmen year, it is all about celebrating YOU. 

YouYear Talent Showcase

December 11, 2013 6:45pm

HAUS @ Quincy Wong Center

623 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL

Free Food

Free Admission

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The AEMM department will have the privilege of a visit from one of our most famous alumni in November.  Marcos Palacios of Da Internz is coming to Columbia on 11/15 for the MIC (Music Industry Conference) planned by the Student Programming Board.  We have arranged for him to spend some time with us on Thursday, November 14th at 3:30pm and would like to invite students to get up close and personal.

Kosine AEMM Alumni

As an alumni of Columbia College AEMM program, Marcos Palacios (Kosine) of Da Internz, a Grammy nominated music production duo, is quick to credit his years here as a platform to jump start his career in the music business.  He has wasted no time in working with famed artists like Nas, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus before he has even turned the ripe age of 30.  But good luck is only a small portion of his amazing success.  He has had to work hard at developing a specific persona within the music industry that has led to incredible opportunities. If you want to hear about his journey from classroom to real world success, Marcos shares it all!

Don’t miss the chance to hear his story at Ferguson Hall, 600 S Michigan Ave, November 14, 2013 at 3:30pm.

If you want to see more about Marcos and Da Internz, view the following videos.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgjhml3uDFw&feature=youtu.be – Pensado’s Place interview (20 mins into video)

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The Talent Agency Practicum course provides students with an experiential learning opportunity operating a student-run Talent Agency. Students will work with artists on matters of presentation, marketability, branding, product development, career planning and live performance. Additionally, students will gain management experience as they represent artists, develop promotional materials, create an online presence, plan artist showcases and prepare for product release.



The following is a testimonial from AEMM MAM student Max Shicker.


Talent Agency Practicum

One of the reasons I decided to attend Columbia’s MAM program was the hands-on, practical experience and education it provided, part of which is achieved through the various Practicum offerings. I was very intrigued by these courses and how they operated. As someone with a strong interest in talent management, I eagerly registered for the Talent Agency Practicum as my first semester elective.

The first thing I will tell you about this course is be prepared to work—a lot! Granted, it is not like a typical class with a textbook or a lecture, but it certainly is challenging and the work load can be intense. Essentially you are running a business as part of this course, and there is a lot that goes along with that, including coordinating projects and point people, finding clients and helping develop them as artists, creating budget proposals and requesting funds, planning events, and building relationships on and off campus. You are grouped with other students, both grads and undergrads, and as a team you need to decide the best way to operate. This can be quite challenging. For example, there is no hierarchy in place as there would be at a regular company. Hierarchy definitely serves a purpose as it can help with decision-making and simply getting things done. As a class, however, we are all at the same level, and it is up to us to collaborate and find the best way to work. This requires impeccable communication, constant checking in, and a great deal of diligence. You know that phrase “sink or swim?” That certainly applies to this class, and if you decide to swim, it has the potential to be quite rewarding.

Click to read the entire article.


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Exhibition Opening Reception:

¡VIVA LA SOUL POWER!, a pop-up exhibition, is part of the month-long residency of the performance artist, Robert Karimi, the People’s Cook. The exhibition features interactive cultural installations by local and national artists and a series of special programs advocating nourishment of the soul and community. The goal of ¡VIVA LA SOUL POWER! is to bring people together through food. Come feed and be fed, and help us kick off the beginning of a cooking revolution!

Where: 623 S Wabash Ave, Hokin Project Gallery

When: October 17 @ 5:00 – 8:00

(click to enlarge)




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Published: 10.11.13
Renee Rock AEMM Graduate Assistant

Jason Stephens is probably the least pretentious person you may ever meet.  It is clear, when you talk to him, that he is passionate about art, economics, and possibly more than anything, education – whether that be his own, that which he imparts on his students, or the education passed from one human being to another, he’s all about it.

Sitting in his office, a cup of tea in hand, he laughingly explains that he reserves coffee as a special treat for the weekends.

By his mid-thirties, he has already started and lived with the life span of an operating non-profit, is a full time faculty member of the AEMM department at Columbia College, and sits as the Treasurer on the Board of the incredible company, Kartemquin Films.

Read full article here.

Posted on Oct 10, 2013

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